WINGS (VINGER) is a moving story from Nørrebro in Copenhagen, but it is also about all of Denmark. It is a story about four brown Danish people, three cities, two genders and one desperate yearning for belonging.

Siblings, sexuality, parents, identity, children, and partners are some of the most basic problems the modern human faces today. However, if you add ethnicity and the colour of your skin to all of this then the common problems become so much more complex.

How do you find a foothold in a white country when you have a mixed background? How do you define your identity if it is not a question of ‘either’ but ‘both’?

And how do you become a free individual despite of everything you bring with you from your past?

WINGS will be subtitled in English on two Thursdays during the performance period. Read more about GROB in English here.

Janus Nabil Bakrawi
Özlem Saglanmak
Nadia Auda
Ernesto Piga Carbone

Screenplay: Joan Rang Christensen
Staging: Madeleine Røn Juul
Scenography: Gøje Rostrup
Lighting design: Sonja Lea
Sound design: Weronika Andersen
Co-production with John’s Theatre

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, the Beckett Foundation, Copenhagen Arts Council, Nørrebro Local Council, Danish Actor’s Association and Dramafronten

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