We are at the exclusive Hotel Bristol in the Old Town of Warsaw. The two friends Johannes and David waiting for Rune, which is delayed by a flight from Cairo.

David just got married and Johannes has quickly arranged a stag night – and what could be more natural than to go back to the city, the boys visited on interrailing after secondary school?

The trip is disturbed by a rather strange film which is being recorded in the city. Why does the film’s coke addicted star Mark suddenly turn up? And Louise Madsen, who Johannes kissed when he was 16 – what is she doing here? Why doesn’t room no. 513 exist? What is it with Chopin’s Nocturnes? Why does Rune keep being delayed? And why was it really that David wanted to marry so soon?

WARSAW is an existential time waster about friendship, nostalgia, about the unpredictability of life and what we actually do, if the timing really is everything?

WARSAW is Part 2 of the project THE 6TH CONTINENT – an outer and inner world tour of identity in a global world. Over 3 seasons GROB put up 6 newly written and linked plays.

Attention! Parts of the show will be in English

BIKUBEN FONDEN is a partner of THE 6th CONTINENT D6K and supports the project with 2.4 million krober over three years

Jens Saetter-Lassen
Cyron Melville
Mia Lerdam
Malte Joe Frid -Nielsen

Script: Thomas Levin
Director: Per Scheel- Krüger
Set design: MAAM – Marianne Nilsson & Anne Mette Drivsholm
Lighting design: Egil Barclay Høgenni Hansen
Sound design: Emil Assing Høyer

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