Theatre GROB presents Uncle Andy’s Late Night Theater Show – a new approach on the Copenhagen theatre stage – under the GROB BOX format.

Focusing on the ensemble spirit and in collaboration with the audience there are plenty of opportunities for a night of festivity. So are you sitting at home planning on going out dancing or drinking beers at a gloomy pub, stop by Theatre GROB first and have your beer here!

The concept is simple: 5 actors, 1 director, and 1 scenographer have 10 days to dive into a topic of their own choosing which will be the theme of the night’s performance. We promise you, you won’t be bored but, on the contrary, experience something out of the ordinary.

So come and see what the 5 actors have hidden up their sleeves!

Please note that the play is in Danish.

28th October at 10 PM
4th November at 10 PM
5th November at 8 PM
11th November at 10 PM
12th November at 10 PM

Nana Morks, Betina Nydal, Thomas Nielsen, Jens Kepny Kristensen and Anders Aamodt

Director: Kasper Sejersen
Set design: Rebekka Bentzen
Dramaturge: Susanne Hjelm

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There are currently no future performances.