To be my Lawfully Wedded

In Theatre Grob’s future performance TO BE MY LAWFULLY WEDDED we meet an ordinary Danish family. Jesper is married to Caroline and together they have their daughter Alma. At first glance everything is blissfully peaceful, but underneath the surface the crises is lurking.

The couple gets a divorce and Jesper, who is usually in full control of his life and emotions finds it difficult to tackle the new situation. Now a fatiguing and grueling battle begins between the two parents, the authorities and not least the innocent child who stands in the midst of it all.

With TO BE MY LAWFULLY WEDDED Theatre Grob tells a hair-raising story from the contemporary Danish society about one man¤s struggle not to lose his family.

Sarah Boberg
Morten Kirkskov

Manuscript: Maj Rørbæk Damgaard
Director: Heinrich Christensen
Set designer: Marianne Nilsson
Music: Efterklang
Idea: Teater Grob

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