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The Panda Affair

Denmark is friends with the most efficient country, China. If we behave we get to borrow two pandas, as a sign of our mutal respect and loyalty. With us the two cute teddies will be able to sleep soundly, because we are a country without corruption and hidden agendas.

Rikke and Peter both work for the family owned medical company Denpharm. Now they meet in Shaghai, and they both have each their idea of how to do business in China. In the middle of thier internal struggle between idealism and quick money the chinese business man Wang appears. He owns the company that the two belligerent Danes are competing to take over, and he has his own plan with them

It might be harder to get to borrow a panda that first expected.

The Panda Affair is written by the award-winning dramatist Maj Rørbæk Damgaard, whos latest written work was the two radio dramas ASYLLAND and VALGKAMP.

This show is a part of the D6K project

Attention: The Panda Affair will be shown with english subtitles on three thursdays. Read all about it here.

Camilla Bendix
Kasper Leisner
Thomas Chaanhing

Set design: MAAM – Marianne Nilsson and Anne Mette Drivsholm
Light design: Mårten K. Axelsson
Sound design: Emil Assing Høyer

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