We are at the plant nursery of Lund. In the department of the smaller plants, business and rutine rule. Right here, Lis and Dorthe are putting cuttings in pots. They don’t really speak a lot, but instead they’re letting their movements and the silent speak for itself.

The gardening industry is in a deep crisis. Lund has to face the consequences. The department must cut back with 50 percent. The night after the fatal message, bizarre scenarios are happening under the damp roof of the greenhouse.

Something grows, something opens up, something unfolds unexpectedly. Even the gardener Lund’s pride “Amorphophallus titanum” suddently pops out in full bloom. Redemption – Release – Intoxication – To be free of yourself, your body, your inhibitions and your inner judge – just for a while..

Henrik Prip
Stine Schröder Jensen
Marie Mondrup

Director: Hans Rønne

Guest play by: >>Teatret<<

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