Hitler on the Roof, which was the first show in Rhea Leman’s Josef-trilogy, gave Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum a Reumert for her portrayal of one of the greatest tyrants in world history: Josef Goebbels.

Now it’s time for the second show in the trilogy: THE BOOTS OF STALIN, where Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum this time can be seen with Lars Knutzon and Ole Lemmeke. They give us an insight into another tyrant named Josef; namely Josef Stalin, who butchered millions in the name of the revolution.

Follow the footsteps of Stalin, while he stamps through the 20. Century to the sound of Anders Singh Vesterdahl’s live music.

Ole Lemmeke
Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum
Lars Knutzon

Music: Anders Singh Vesterdahl from Middle East Peace Orchestra

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