True to Tradition

>>True to Tradition<< is about being a teenager and to have faith. What does it mean to have faith? How does it feel? Can you share it with others or is it a personal matter? And what should you believe in at all?

>>True to Tradition<< examines, the impact of faith for teenagers in Denmark. 70 per cent of a youth generation chose to be confirmated, but do they do it for the money, their parents or becuase everyone else does it? Do they have faith or are they true to the traditions?

Alias Teaterproduktion has created several themed plays for youths about subjects such as alcohol, finacial crisis and girl violence. The plays are created through research and the theatre encourages the audience to to debate the subjects.

Guest performance

Lotte Bergstrøm
Jacob Teglgaard
Carl Martin Norén

Manuscript: Lærke Sanderhoff
Director: Maria Kjærgaard-Sunesen
Idea & artistic director: Anne Gry Henningsen
Set design: Allan Frausing
Light design: Raphael Solholm
Guest play by: Alias Teaterproduktion

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