Sickly Sound

Denmark as a nation is suffering from a health disorder. We have become nauseatingly healthy. Doctors are prescribing exercise. Smokers are in hiding so as not to be stoned by the health hunters. Politicians are passing new health bills: Best to avoid EVERYTHING and drink plenty of water standing on your head as you do it. But what is actually the point? And what are the facts about fitness.

“Sickly Sound” is an absurd comedy about Paleo Diets, Duck Face Selfies, Apple Shape or Banana Shape, pimped arseholes, mortal fear and miracles. Finger-wagging now included.

Guest performance

Betina Grove
Marianne Søndergaard 

Manuscript: Mette Heeno
Director: Anders Lundorph
Idea: Hella Joof
Set design: Lisbeth Burian
Light design: Raphael Solholm
Dramaturg: Line Mørkeby
Composer: Sune Skuldbøl Vraa
Speak and song: Bjørn Fjæstad
Guest play by: Teatret

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