Neel Rønholt, Per Sceel-krüger, Steen Stig Lommer, Claudio Morales
Foto: Christian Geisnæs

Earth on Fire

With Kræsten to lead them,  Mågerup Højskole embarks on its annual trip to the world’s hotspots. Acting as modern thinkers they seek to spread the ideas of freedom, equality and democracy.

This year the destionation is Peru. After having seen som of the brutalities of the country they end their trip in Cusco, where Kræsten invites two specially selected students, the spoiled Sara and the divoced Poul, to a unik, authentic, peruvian dinner at business man Juan Carlos.

As the night progresses, a realization hits them that this dinner isn’t completely authentic as first assumed and all the hitten agendas comes into the light. Soon all good intentions are replaced with hostage taking and black mail and the solid Danish values are in serious danger of evaporating in Peru’s thin air.

Parts of the performance is in English.

This play is the 4th play in the D6K project, each play can be viewed independently.

Neel Rønholt
Steen Stig Lommer
Per Scheel-Krüger
Claudio Morales

Manuscript: Brian Wind-Hansen
Director: Madeleine Røn Juul (FDS)
Set design: MAAM – Marianne Nilsson & Anne Mette Drivsholm
Light design: Egil Barclay Høgenni Hansen
Sound design: Emil Assing Høyer

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