Stine Schröder Jensen, Morten Burian, Petrine Agger, Finn Nielsen
Foto: Christian Geisnæs

An Angel Through the Living room

An Angel Through the Livng Room is a tragi-comic story about a dad, his two daughters and the youngest daughters husband, told with understated humor and a lot of self irony. Dispite fixed rolles, old family tales, internal struggels and misunderstandings they all fight hard to find each other.

I wish that some day there would walk An Angel through the Living Room.

Finn Nielsen
Stine Schröder Jensen
Morten Burian
Petrine Agger

Director: Moqi Simon Trolin
Manuscript: Holdet
Idea: Petrine Agger & Stine Schröder Jensen
Set design & light design: Kisser Rosenquist
Sound design: Janus Jensen

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