839 Days

A theatre performanc about the longest going hostage situation in Danish history – the story abot captain kaptajn Eddy Lopez and first mate Søren Lyngbjørn who were held hostage på Somali pirates for 839 Days.

The shipping company and the government has cast a shadow over the incident. Thousands of words have been written, but even more has been kept back.

The plays 839 Days looks closely at the crusial elements – from the pirates to the victims, from the authorities to the media – and shines a new light on the event. Søren Lyngbjørn and Eddy Lopez has told their full stories to playwright Henrik Szklany.

In a fast pace parformance the audience is navigated through the touching stories, kept afloat på the electronic sounds of SpejderRobots.

Guest performance

Jakob Bjerregaard Engmann
Rasmus Hammerich

Manuscript: Henrik Szklany
Director: Rasmus Ask
Set design: Nathalie Mellbye
Music: SpejderRobot
Oplæg: Jakob Bjerregaard Engmann
Guest play: BaggårdTeatret

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