Foto: Morten Fauerby & CZOO


The huge succes is back!

Twice Reumert Winner: Best New Play & Best talent.

Peter and Camilla split up three months ago. Astrid, their daughter, is living with dad now and the two of them have celebrated Christmas at the cottage in Sweden. Tonight it is New Years Eve and Peter has asked Camilla to join the celebration. Maybe there is still time to win her back…?

Peter and the Moose is a bitter-sweet comedy about divorce and capsized self-esteem, kids behaving like adults and adults behaving like kids, unbreakable friendships and one man’s desperate fight to win back what is lost.

Troels Lyby
Sarah Boberg
Niels-Martin Eriksen,
Lise Lauenblad
Laura Kruse

Screenplay: Thomas Levin
Director: Per Scheel-Krüger
Presented in co-operation with Teatret Svalegangen
Playing at Svalegangen: 20 August – 13 September
Afterwards on tour: 16 September – 12 October

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