'Definitely worth seeing'

'See the play, be moved, and go home a little wiser'

'Captivates the audience'

'Corrosively strong tale'

All quotations are translated by GROB

The German occupation of Denmark is dominated by tales written by and about men. Finally an authentic story of a woman’s destiny is presented, and it is everything but ordinary.

During World War II the 16 years old girl Ebba from Jutland, Denmark becomes a member of the Danish Nazi party. She volunteers in the German Red Cross and experiences the war from the other side of the border.

A few hundred metres from the Führerbunker, she nurses wounded German soldiers until the bitter end. When the war ends Ebba returns to Denmark and puts her story behind her. She never tells it to anyone. Not until now when she takes us down to the surpressed and gloomy memories. And into the darkness.

Please note that the play is in Danish.

Lykke Sand Michelsen
Bodil Sangill

Manuscript: Simone Isabel Nørgaard
Pia Rosenbaum
Set design: Thomas Kolding
Light design: Sonja Lea
Sound design: David Matchofsky
Guest performance by: Five Feet Tall

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