In the West, unwillingly childless couples dream about being parents to their own biological child. In India poor women offering their uterus as a surrogate for couples’ fertilized eggs. It’s about supply and demand. It’s about the free global market.

Commercial surrogate motherhood is an explosively increasing industry in India. The poor women here earn up to five annual payments in nine months. They can get a better live, independence and pay for their children’s education.

And the western couples’ can get their dreams about parenthood fulfilled. A win-win situation? Global capitalism? Misuse of the world’s poor women?

The docu-play MADE IN INDIA is inviting its audience on a fascinating journey to Dr. Patels babyfarm in the small Indian town Anand.

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MADE IN INDIA is a co-production between Global Stories (DK), Riksteatern (SE) and Odense Teater (DK). It is presented at GROB as a part of CPH:DOX-festival 2013.

Amrita Pande
Nanna Bøttcher

Director: Ditte Maria Bjerg
Guest play by: GLOBAL STORIES

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