Lucky Bear

Lykke Bjørn was premiered at GROB in April 2010 and played to full houses and became a huge success with both audiences and critics.

We are therefore proud and pleased that it has now become possible – in cooperation with Folketeatret – to send Lykke Bjørn on tour in Denmark in the spring of 2012 and thereafter playing at Folketeatret’s annex stage Hippodrome in April 2012.

Lykke Bjørn is a touching love story about a woman’s struggle for the right to her own life despite society’s demands and expectations. When the self-effacing Karin Lykke loses her mother her whole world falls down. Disempowered by her streamlined and successful architect-brother Nicholas Karin is left to herself and her loneliness with a young cleaning lady as her only human contact. One day she meets the homeless Johannes Bjørn, and with him Karin throws herself into an intoxicating love spiral that can pull them both either up or down …

Lykke Bjørn puts the concept of normality under microscope in the year 2010 and tries to examine ordinary, well-functioning Danes’ relationship to society’s skewed existences’. We all have an idea of how we should behave and how we should live our lives. We copy each other to live more healthy, sustainable and smart – living “the good life.” But what about all those who do not share this view? What do we do with them? Should we force them to live like us, or should we leave them alone?

Lotte Andersen
Allan Klie
Claes Bang
Kristine Norgaard

Director: Madeleine Ron Juul
Manuscript: Line Mørkeby
Set design: Ingvild Romo Grande
Music and songs: Kenneth Thordal

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