Foto: Karoline Tiara Lieberkind 


The current image of the Danish woman is ugly. Her self image is not beautiful. The reflection is even worse. The ideal woman is 17. The X-ray picture hides 17 grey hair. The naked picture gets the plastic surgeon to lower his gaze.

But now she will not put up with the distorted image anymore. Now she will draw a close-up image of herself. Now she will let her fanny hair grow, so she can make a long fanny hair plait and throw it out from the top of the pedestal she has been placed on and save all other women from the ideal image.

Özlem Saglanmak
Tilde Maja Frederiksen
Patricia Schaumann

Writer: Line Mørkeby
Director: Line Paulsen
Set designer: Lisbeth Burian
Light designer: Sonja Lea

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