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A major Danish newspaper has offered a travel arrangement to South Africa. At the family-run HOTEL NELSON, two hours drive from Johannesburg, the host Samuel is ready to satisfy the travelling participants in any possible way.

But with a company consisting of an evolutionary biologist with quite a literally skeleton in the closet, a journalist with mental disorientation, a female sex tourist in her life’s autumn, a marriage of resolution and a 12-year-old boy with a savior complex – then Samuel might have said yes to more than he can cope with…

HOTEL NELSON is a bittersweet comedy about the origin of humankind, the fragility of life, the joy of banana yogurt – and about a black man’s first encounter with Steffen Brandt.

–  Grob also invites you to dig deeper into the the Danish self-conception, as we host a lecture on Danish identity in the age of globalization. The event is staged as a conversation between the English professor Richard Jenkins and Mick Gordon, the artistic leader of the Theater of Aarhus.

The lecture will be in English and takes place at GROB the 21st of September. Register your participation at

HOTEL NELSON is 1st part of the project THE 6TH CONTINENT – an outer and inner world tour on Danish identity in the age of globalization. Over 3 seasons GROB will put up 6 newly written and thematically linked plays. In 2017 all the plays will be performed as a giant work in collaboration with Aarhus Theatre in connection with Aarhus as European Capital of Culture 2017.


Major parts of the play are in English

Henrik Prip
Helle Dolleris,
Kirsten Peuliche
Ole Boisen
Mette K. Madsen,
Helmer Solberg
Jotham Annan (UK)

Manuscript: Thomas Levin
Director: Madeleine Røn Juul
Set design: MAAM Marianne Nilsson & Anne Mette Drivsholm
Lighting design: Egil Barclay Høgenni Hansen
Sound design: Emil Assing Høyer

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