Home Sweet Home ? The Danish tour

HOME SWEET HOME describes a young Danish soldier’s return from Iraq. He is invited to have dinner at the home of his best friend and his girlfriend. It turns out an ill-fated night, where personal values and principles are put to the test.

Based on actual events Theatre Grob tells a story about the brutality and merciless reality of war set off against a privileged everyday life characterized by an equally merciless indifference. What makes young men and women leave home and go to war? And how do the rest of us relate to a war we ourselves are passive participants in?

In Kristeligt Dagblad playwright Andreas Garfield stated that: “The characters of the play had to be real human beings. I was not writing to bear out my own views on the issue and it would have been completely unbearable for me if a soldier who had been in Iraq would shake his head and think: The Idiot doesn’t know what he is talking about.”

HOME SWEET HOME is a research based play. The research is based on interviews with Danish soldiers, who have returned from serving in Iraq and is hereby based on actual events.

Home Sweet Home was awarded at Reumert Awards 2007 for Best supporting actor (Frank Thiel) and was furthermore nominated for Best play and Leading actor (Thomas Levin)

Frank Thiel
Christine Albeck Børge
Thomas Levin

Idea: Teater Grob
Manuscript: Andreas Garfield
Director: Per Scheel-Krüger
Set designer: Edward Pierce

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