Hitler on the Roof

“Hitler’s right hand Goebbels is resurrected in Rhea Lemans excellent piece that brings the viewer physically close to the Third Reich’s relationship to the truth.” – Information

Year 2011. Goebbels is sitting in his bombed out bunker and sends out propaganda to the world via his radio program “Art, Culture and Communication”. Germany’s most renowned filmmaker of the 1930s Leni Riefenstahl enters the bunker and the two embark on a dramatic showdown on responsibility and self-censorship.

The show revolves around the central question: “How could this happen?” and “Can it happen again?”

Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum was awarded a Reumert for Best Actress for her outstanding performance as Dr. Goebbels.

Dr. Goebbels:
Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum
Leni Riefenstahl:
Kristian Holm Joensen

Script and stage directing: Rhea Leman

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