Foto: Børge Walther. Grafik: Jakob Rønlov


The colourful, true story about Heidi, who as a 15 year-old girl became a piccoline at the king of travel Simon Spies. He quickly pulls the young and beautiful girl into an intoxicating world of wealth, sexual orgies and drucks. This is her ticket to a wonderful adventure.

For two years she lives as a personal bed heater by one of the most excentric persons of the Danish business communty. When she turns down his weeding proposal, he kicks her out and she takes along all the bad habits and ends up in abuse and prostitution.

Heidi became famous in the 80s media picture, because she dies of AIDS together with her little daugther – only 24 years old. The holiday fairytale with Spies becomes her journey to hell.

Heidi’s little sister Anika is too appearing on stage.

Sara Hjort Ditlevsen
Olaf Højgaard
Anika Barkan
Helene Kvint

Play wright: Gritt Uldall-Jessen

Director: Line Paulsen 
Guest play by: CoreAct 

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