Jakob Fauerby, Mille Lehfeldt, Laus Høybye  Foto: Miklos Szabo

Have you seen my pixy hat mum?

It was wild. It was well sung. It was crazy. And now it’s back!

Now you can experience the comedy-trio Platt-Form with their tremendous debut show that with its premiere last year, was the reviewer’s favorite. This year you can get your heart rate up again to the hit songs “Like me” and “Pony-kick”. The show will introduce you to the lifestyle-coach Jesper Deleuran Larsen, the castrato singer William von Rosenknaegt and the 87-year old polio sufferer and homophilia activist Gerry.

Laugh out loud while Mille, Jakob and Laus make fun of their careers, families, sexuality and disabilities. Berlingske Tidende said: “You can’t miss this show!”.

By and with:
Mille Lehfeldt
Laus Høybye
Jakob Fauerby

Composer: Laus Høybye
Guest play by: Platt-Form

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