Foto: Morten Fauerby

Dumb Creatures

When his father dies, John inherits the family farm and he is persuaded by his wife to move there to live out the dream of organic farming with a therapy garden. In John’s childhood memories the pig farm is not that ‘green’. His father was cruel to both humans and animals in his pursuit of profit, and his dark mind is still heavily on the property and not least the animals. The pigs’ scream and evil energies of the past slowly returns, and the couple’s dream of the happy country life slowly begins to crumble.

Dumb Creatures is based on a story in Colling Nielsens novel “The Danish Civil War 2018-24”

Guest performance

Henrik Vestergaard
Frederik Meldal Nørgaard
Kristian Ibler

Manuscript: Kasper Colling Nielsen
Director: Per Scheel-Krüger
Set design: Laura Rasmussen
Guest play by: Von Baden

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