In 1961 there was an institution for unbalanced women on the small island of Sprogø, here they got the diagnose of Morally Deviants. The women were sentenced to isolation from society, on the island in the middle of the Great Belt and they were denied the right to have children.

DEFECT is the story of those who did not fit in to society. The superfluous. And about the society’s need to sort out those who are different.

The institution at Sprogø was founded with good intensions, but the big question is really if our society today is more human than in the past.

Kathrine Høj Andersen
Solvej K. Christiansen
Tilde Maja Fredriksen
Anne Gry Henningsen
Birgitte Prins

Writer: Julie Maj Jakobsen
Director: Petrea Søe
Set design: Lisbeth Burian
Lighting designer: Raphael Solholm
Sound designer: Johannes Asbjørn Eberl Smed

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