Death is a taboo. A deadline we don’t really know but the only thing we have in common.

The grandmother says her goodbyes every time they meet – just in case. The boy calls 911. The weakened sick is longing for peace. The plane crashes. The fire. The horse hole. The young guy is driving too fast and crashes into a sign by the road. Without a seat belt. The only thing the boy is thinking about is strawberry. The church singer’s voice is clear in the choir of mumbling despair. The girl thinks her mother looks happy.

DEADLINE is a study in dying and how it is to stand beside and watch.

Christian Hetland
Betina Grove Ankerdal
Marianne Søndergaard Madsen

Manuscript: Line Mørkeby
Director: Anders Lundorph
Set design: Nadia Nabil Korsbæk
Guest play by: Teatret

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