Strømsteder // Sarfartuut

The plays is about the marriage and the divorce between Denmark and Greenland. The ung half Danish/ half Greenlandic woman balances between two cultures. She talks of her parents divorce and the following stuggle. Dad, Denmark,talks from his screen as a part of the scenography, about his love for his daughter and to Greenland. Mom, Greenland, talks from her sceen with humor and pain about the colonial lords entry.

The play is connected by a modern dancing tupilak that changes to and from tragi-comic Danish and Greenlandic characters, to then return to the young womans life.

Starring: Nukâka Coster-Waldau, Flemming Jensen
(on screen) og Makka Kleist (on screen)

Playwright: Peter Laugesen
Director: Hanne Trap Friis
Dramaturg: Gitte Skytte
Light designer: Morten Ladefoged
Videodesigner: Claus Lund
Consultant: Inuk Silis Høegh
Gæstespil af: freezeProductions 

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