Made in India

MADE IN INDIA is theatre, documentary and debate in a new form – a praised performance about the ethical dilemmas of the global surrogate industry.

In the west childless couples dream of becoming parents to their own biological child. In India poor women offer their womb to the childless couples fertilized eggs.

It is all about supply and demande in a free global market.

Made in India will be performed in a new English version for international audiences.

“Amrita Pande glows with life and commitment as the authentic centre of the performance” Monna Dithmer, Politiken

Starring: Amrita Pande & Nanna Bøttcher

Director: Ditte Maria Bjerg
Dramaturge: Tanya Diers & Sandra Theresa Buch
Set design: Filippa Berglund
Light- and sound design: Tobias Stål

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There are currently no future performances.