Bad Boy

Bad Boy is a grim performance about child abuse. A theme we as a society cannot ignore! We use elements and stories of fiction and reality to create this new piece of Danish drama.

It will challenge the conventional approach to this violent and painful subject.

With the stories of Josepg Fritzl, Natascha Kampusch, Ariel Castro, the baby factory in Nigeria in mind, we examine what happens if an isolated man breaks out into a world after years of both physical and psycological abuse and terror. How much does it take before it’s too late to get a good childhood.

Lasse Popp
Niels Peter Kløft
Susanne Bonde Krarup
Bastian Popp
Søren Møller Pedersen
Kim Fast Jensen

Director: Gitta Malling
Set design: Christian Q. Clausen

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There are currently no future performances.