Newly written political thriller

The highest profiled summit on Danish soil ever. 122 heads of government met to make a climate treaty. Everyone believed in it, but in the end it came to nothing.
Hopenhagen became Brokenhagen.

Newly written political thriller about good intentions, personal relations and hidden agendas in the top climate summit.

BROKENHAGEN is fiction, but based on real political events to draw a picture of the Danish self image and the mechanics of political powers that roam with in the Danish democrasy..

Supported by: Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg

Charlotte Munck
Laura Bach
Frederik Meldal Nørgaard
Anders Brink Madsen
Marianne Gonnov Bøgelund

Manuscript: Henrik Vestergaard
Director: Morten Lundgaard
Set design: Siggi Oli Palmason
Guest play by: Von Baden

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