BCNU [be seeing you]

In the big empty house lives the Girl with the Father. Here she is not happy. When the Girl meets a stranger a Man online that promises her gold and green woods, she runs away from home and out into the world to find happiness.

But who is the strange Boy from the forest, which continues to faint every time she touches him? And how far will she go to get the gifts that the Man on the internet is offering her? Will she ever be able to buy her best friend back?

Before the Girl knows it, she is entangled in a web of rumors, lies and hidden intentions.

BCNU is a modern fairytale about the trade that takes place between people every day. About exploded boundaries and the quest for love.

Lykke Sand Michelsen
Johannes Lassen

Manuscript: Anna Bro
Director: Mia Lipschitz
Set design: Nadia Nabil Korsbæk

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