After their success Home Sweet Home the award-winning couple Andreas Garfield and Per Scheel-krüger is back at Kaleidoksop K1 with a new play.

A young couple tragically loses their daughter in a car accident. The incident does not only affect the young parents, but also the man who is to blame for the daughter’s death.

But what do you do when the dark side of life hits you? What do you do when the feeling of pain, sorrow, revenge and guilt is the only thing throbbing inside you? What do you do when the way forward is impossible to catch sight of? And is it ultimately necessary to forgive to get ones life back?

With the usual sense of captivating, relevant and credible performances Theater Grob tells a contemporary story from the Danish society. A story about ordinary people, who are suddenly confronted with the great dilemmas of life.

Manuscript: Andreas Garfield
Director: Per Scheel-Krüger
Set designer: Marianne Nilsson
Music: Efterklang
Idea: Teater Grob

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