About GROW

GROW is a platform for young artists to experiment with Performing Arts.

Theatre Grob has a vision to make room for development. This vision is the foundation to GROW, that gives young people a platform to experiment and develop their scenic expressions. Theatre Grob started out 20 years ago as a group of young talents who shared a great passion for theatre and performing arts. As a group they fought and climbed their way upwards in the professional theatre world. Today Grob is an established theatre with a clear artistic profile.

Independent Theatre
GROWis an independent association that has established a platform for young talents to work with the diversity of performing arts through the association; GROW offers a great variety of affordable workshops, events and opportunities to connect to other passionate theatre people in the professional environment of Theatre Grob. Together and individually these events welcomes young artists into a safe and experimental atmosphere that focuses on learning, sharing and development. GROW welcomes all creative, passionate souls who are looking for an inspiring place to explore and unfold their ideers.

The core of GROW is formed by these 8 young artists: 
Martin Zarp, Asta Baggesen, Kristine Lauritzen, Sidsel Dalager,
Charlotte S. Frandsen og Theresa Lange Olesen