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Theatre Grob is a new writing theatre in Copenhagen. Here you will experience drama with a personal or political angle. With the capacity of 145 seats Theatre Grob focuses on the authentic and intimate experience you can get in a small venue. The theatre hosts productions for young audiences as well as adults.
Theater Grob has a youth department called GROW engaging young stage artists.

Grob is an unpretentious theatre, which defy the distancing artifice, a theatre with clear references to the world of film and most important of all – a theatre with honesty, genuineness and an intimate stage presence.



For the first 10 years Theatre Grob worked as an ensemble, from 2005-2015 managed by Thomas LevinPer Scheel-Krüger & Maja Ries. And from 2015 and on managed by artictic director Per Scheel-Krüger and managing director Maja Ries.


Martin Bender Chairman of the board (CEO at VisitSydsjaelland)
Ulrik Müller
 (Partner, Financial Consultant at Deloitte)
Nicole Maria Langkilde
 (CEO at LS Flag and former dramaturg)
Jørgen Ramskov 
(CEO and founder of Radio 24/7)
Morten Westergaard 
(Partner at
Lars L. Nielsen (Independent Communication Advisor)

Next performances at GROB

There are currently no future performances.