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Theatre Grob is a new writing theatre in Copenhagen. Here you will experience drama with a personal or political angle. With the capacity of 145 seats Theatre Grob focuses on the authentic and intimate experience you can get in a small venue. The theatre hosts productions for young audiences as well as adults.
Theater Grob has a youth department called GROW engaging young stage artists.

Grob is an unpretentious theatre, which defy the distancing artifice, a theatre with clear references to the world of film and most important of all – a theatre with honesty, genuineness and an intimate stage presence.



For the first 10 years Theatre Grob worked as an ensemble, from 2005-2015 managed by Thomas LevinPer Scheel-Krüger & Maja Ries. And from 2015 and on managed by artictic director Per Scheel-Krüger and managing director Maja Ries.


Martin H.-H. Bender Chairman of the board (CEO at VisitSydsjaelland)
Nicole Maria Langkilde (CEO at LS Flag and former programme manager)
Jørgen Ramskov 
(CEO and founder of Radio 24/7)
Ulrik Bro Müller
(Partner, Financial Consultant at Deloitte)
Morten Westergaard
(Investment consultant)
Lars L. Nielsen (Independent Communication Advisor)

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There are currently no future performances.