Reumert Awards 2011
Thomas Levin won Best play-wright for “Peter and the Moose”.
Lise Lauenblad won the Talent Award for her role in “Peter and the Moose”.

Reumert Awards 2010
Lykke Bjørn was nominated for the Grand Small play of the year, Best leading female actor and Best play-wright.
The Labyrinth was nominated for Best male subordinate part.

Theater on the road Award of the year 2008
“Home sweet Home” was nominated by the Danish Theater Associations.

The Theatercup 2008
Thomas Levin was nominated for his role in Home sweet Home.

The Danish Arts Foundation 2008
Per Scheel-Krüger and Andreas Garfield was award a prize from The Danish Arts Foundation for “Home Sweet Home”.

Reumert Awards 2007 
Karen-Lise Mynster was awarded for Best leading actress
Frank Thiel was awarded for Best supprting actor
Jacob Weis was awarded for Best play-wright
Furthermore Thomas Levin was nominated for Best leading actor
And Home Sweet Home was nominated for Best Play.

Reumert Awards 2003 
Thomas Levin won Reumert’s Talent Award in 2003

Copenhagen Prize 1999:
Theatre Grob won Night&Day’s Copenhagen Award in 1999 for Best theatre and have more than once been nominated for The City’s Best Theatre at

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